2016 Equipment Trends Study - Fabricators' Forecast Stone World

October 2016
Part of passport: 2016 Architecture, Engineering & Construction Market Trends

Why Order this Report?

Comparing the results of studies completed in the past three years, this report provides insight into stone fabricators’ equipment purchasing and future investment plans. Specifically understanding where investment is planned – and where it is being reduced – can help companies predict key business trends and take appropriate action. Additionally, the potential for promoting the sustainability aspects of stone products is evaluated.

Who Should Read this Report?

Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers of Construction, Planning, Sales, Project Management, and Operations in the stone fabrication industry, as well as those in companies who provide tools, training, equipment, information, and services to stone fabricators.

Study Background:

Objectives of this research are to determine:

  • Capital outlay and planned investment areas
  • Areas where spending was decreased from previous years
  • Planned equipment purchases for next year
  • Predicted change in the market for next year
  • Predicted change in the market 5 and 10 years’ out
  • Impact of increased competition on the stone fabrication industry
  • Promotion of green aspects of stone products in sales and marketing


  • 66 online surveys were completed with active, qualified subscribers to Stone World whose primary business activity is stone fabrication and whose job function is predominately Corporate Management or Fabrication/Manufacturing Management.
  • Data collected September 19 – October 3, 2016

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